The Church embraces people who grieve the loss of a loved one and confidently proclaims, through prayer and ritual, that God has created each person for eternal life. The Church community gathers to support and assist each other in grieving the reality of the separation between the living and the dead. And at the same time, the community affirms that reality of the spiritual bond that unites the Church on earth with the Church in heaven.

The Funeral Vigil - The Vigil is the time following death and before the funeral liturgy. The family and friends gather around the deceased for the first time. This may take place at the funeral home, the Church, or the home. This is when the Christian community keeps watch with the family and friends of the deceased in prayer (Rosary) and scripture readings. Eulogies, memories and stories of the life of the deceased are also shared at this time.

The Funeral Mass - The funeral Mass is the central celebration of the community of the day of burial. The family and friends of the deceased give thanks and praise to God for Christ's victory over sin and death. At the Mass the deceased is commended to God's tender mercy and compassion while the community is consoled and strengthened by the Word in the scripture and by the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Gifts of Bread and Wine at Mass - Gifts may be brought forth to the Altar during Mass by two family members and given to the priest. The priest may explain this simple, yet significant procedure the day of the funeral.

Eulogy - A person may be selected by the family to share with the assembly some personal reflections and experiences. Those preparing to do so should have a written text and speak no longer than 3 to 5 minutes after communion before the dismissal.

Funeral Reception - The reception is an opportunity for family and friends to gather for further greeting, encouragement, support and nourishment over food. The family may choose to have a reception after Mass and before the interment at the cemetery. It may take place in the Parish Hall. Contact the church office to have a reception in the hall at 541-258-5333.