Ministry of Altar Server

The role of the altar server is to assist the priest at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and at other liturgical celebrations. Our children find security and nourishment in the Lord. When their world expands beyond their family, hopefully they will look for sources that will continue to nourish the growth started by their parents. Introducing them to the ministries of the church at an early age will encourage this growth. Parents are encouraged to talk and pray with their children when discerning a vocation to this ministry.

Who can be an altar server?

Any boy or girl who has made their first Holy Communion is eligible to serve at the English and Spanish Masses. Servers' schedules are issued for all Masses, trying to accommodate the servers and their families. After a year of training, the English-speaking servers will be scheduled to serve at the 5:15pm Mass on Saturday at least once a month.

Training Meetings:

In order to impress on the servers the importance of this ministry and to be an efficient and respectful server, it is required that they faithfully attend monthly training meetings. Spirituality and reverence are strongly stressed during their training. They are taught the names and purposes of all the linens, vessels and other articles used at the liturgies, as well as the method of preparation and use of the incense. Training meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm in the church. The meetings are suspended in July and August. The September meeting is held on the second Monday to accommodate the Labor Day holiday. 



Frequent confession is strongly recommended for all altar servers. Servers are asked to wear solid colored clothing: no stripes, logos or other designs, as these show through the server's albs. Servers should wear dark shoes if possible. White tennis shoes should not be worn.  Jewelry that might be a distraction should also not be worn.