Answering God’s Call

May the grace of Christ raise you up!

The readings offer a complexity of themes that generally flow toward the coming of God’s manifold grace and power to enlighten and lead people into a relationship of peace with God.  Jesus is depicted as stepping into the prophetic vocation where John left off, however with a nuance.  With Jesus, the kingdom is AT HAND; it is not coming in the near future as John would say.   At almost the very start of his public ministry, Jesus calls Peter and Andrew, James and John to follow him in a special way.  They are called to be his disciples and for some mysterious reason, they leave everything they have to follow him.  In reflecting on my own vocation and the mystery of the call that I received, I have to say that it is indeed a mystery.  I had a great job and was doing well, making plans to build a house, settle down and get married then suddenly, everything changed.  I left it all behind, family, friends, pets, personal income, plus some hopes and dreams.  Having said all of that, I can say with St. Paul that it has been at a cost but nothing compared to the great gain of the gift of God’s call to follow the Lord!  It has been a great adventure worth much more than anything I’ve left behind!

This weekend I invite you to consider your financial commitment to support your parish and the ministries that happen through life in the parish.  In this effort, we express our discipleship and the willingness we have to make a sacrifice for the future of the Church.  Being good stewards of the gifts and resources we receive from God is good discipleship.  I encourage everyone to consider what they are able to give.  We ALL have something to give and we all have a need to give!  Our way to success and our future joy does not consist of the same people giving more; rather, it consists in more people giving!  God’s continued blessings to you all! +++ Fr. Peter

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