Hospitality Ministers

What better way to serve the Lord than by welcoming our parishioners and guests through the hospitality ministry! Hospitality ministers are the first people to welcome the parish community at the doors of the church. They arrive around 20 minutes before Mass, welcome all who enter, and answer questions. Those who are called to be ministers of hospitality are entrusted with fostering a sense of welcoming and belonging among those assembled for prayer. As the first contact made with anyone who enters the Church they represent the intent of the parish community to welcome and embrace all who come to join in prayer. Hospitality ministry is a direct service, often a physical one, as ministers open doors, smile in greeting, and lend assistance to those in need. They have the opportunity to be the hands of Christ to the living Body of Christ. Ministers must be watchful for the ways in which they can help to foster the sense of family among all who worship at St. Edward and especially among those who are new to our community. Most of all, by their very presence they are examples of the Christian love which identifies us and binds us together.

If you would like to become part of this ministry please contact the church office at 541-258-5333