The Ministry of Lector

The role of the lector is the art of proclaiming God’s word to those who are willing to listen. Selections from scripture have been made for the worship life of our community and put in a book called the lectionary. When we gather for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, men and women educated to the task are called upon to read the sacred texts. The name given to those who perform this task is “lector,” from the Latin word legere, which means to read. The role of the lector is threefold; it is a job, a ministry, and a vocation.

The Job

Liturgy literally means the work of the people. Reading the scripture is a labor of love. It requires having both knowledge and certain skills for the work to be done in a satisfying manner to all. They say that by teaching something we also learn. This is very true. For in praying and preparing to proclaim the word of the Lord, we receive so much ourselves.

The Ministry

The word ministry, also from Latin, means to serve and offers another perspective on the role of the lector: a form of service to the community. The readings within the liturgy serve to nourish and sustain the Body of Christ.

The Vocation

The universal call to holiness and to witness to Christ in the world comes to fulfillment differently in each of us. One expression of this call can be found in this ministry. Drawing closer to God, who speaks through the scriptures, is an invitation the ministry of lector offers to you. In proclaiming God’s word to others we accept it ourselves.

To be an effective lector calls for adequate preparation that includes study, prayer, and practice. God’s voice speaks to us through the words in the scriptures and we are truly nourished. The role of the lector cooperates in bringing to fullfilment God’s decision to speak not only to us but also through us.

If you feel called to learn more about this ministry please contact the church office at 541-258-5333