The Gift Of The Spirit

Peace and Grace to all!

Through the readings and Gospel this weekend we are reminded of the continued and varied action of the Holy Spirit in the early Church after the Resurrection.  Knowing that the same pattern is taking place today, this builds within us an increasing anticipation for the celebration of Pentecost, which is drawing near.  Throughout the Easter Season the surprise manifestations of the Risen Lord and the action of the Holy Spirit in and through the Apostles, disciples and the whole Church community have lifted up our minds and hearts to renewed awareness of Immanuel (God is with us!).  What wonders God is still working among us!  The primary activity of the Spirit is inspiring and moving the disciples of Jesus to proclaim his resurrection from the dead!  In many instances those who hear the message are immediately delivered from sickness and spiritual oppression by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he told his followers that he would send the Advocate to remain with them.  The Holy Spirit is obviously still present and active among us!  The Spirit continually comes to restore, to strengthen, to confirm, to console and encourage.  The Spirit also brings an enlightenment of truth within each person.  This gift of enlightenment is that by which we discern spirits to see whether they are from God, who is light; or darkness, which is evil.  We walk in awareness of the forces within ourselves and we are watchful of the manifestations around us.  “By their fruits, you shall know them.” Our mission is to proclaim the message in the ways we can in our day to day lives.  This is how the message goes out to the whole world.  May we always be ready to welcome, console and encourage those who come into our midst seeking God: this is our mission in the world and how we manifest God’s presence.

God bless you always! +++ Fr. Peter

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