Keeping God Above All

Peace and Grace to you!

In the first reading the leadership of the community is cautioned against straying from a close relationship that places obedience to God above all things.  Some have fallen into the temptation of self service and using their positions of leadership and power for personal gain and the political corruption of playing favorites.  There are negative consequences as a result.  Sound familiar? We know that human weakness is a natural part of any person, structure, or culture.  In this world there will always be a struggle for perfect justice.

Jesus shows us a way to transcend the flaws and imperfections that exist in our world.  Jesus points to personal holiness through an attitude of servitude to God and of service to others as the remedy.  When we think about what Jesus says, it really makes sense!  Isn’t it so much easier and more peaceful when we meet people who are humble and are earnestly concerned for the good of others?  This past week, we celebrated the Solemnity of All Saints.  The Saints are those who discovered the Holy Wisdom of Jesus’ message.  They didn’t have easy lives!  They faced great inner struggle and hardships!  Their humility came through humiliating situations but they discovered that the only wound they suffered was against human pride.  They did not seek retribution or return insults or curses for the poor treatment they received.  They hid themselves in Christ’s own wounds and found him to be a true Master, Teacher, Refuge and Savior!  Jesus doesn’t force us or threaten us but he invites us to listen and follow him.  His way leads to peace and joy in life!

God bless you always! +++ Fr. Peter

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